The books written by Natalie M. Kennedy are sure to delight the hearts and souls of the young and old. While each book will be more timeless than the other, each will inspire the reader to further seek their own spiritual journey.



A Dolphin's Tale

By: Natalie M. Kennedy 

Everyone has had a dream of being or doing something special. Earl always wanted to swim in the ocean, despite being born with short legs and not knowing how to swim. One day, Earl was able to swim out in the ocean on the tail of a never-before-seen pink dolphin, whom Earl called Pinky. Earl had the time of his life riding on the tail of this dolphin. But was it a dream, or did it really happen? Sometimes, your dreams can come true, so dream on!

Home Is Where The Honey Is

By: Natalie M. Kennedy

 Home is Where the Honey Is, is  an enchanting tale about love, the sweetness of life and family,  sure to charm readers of all ages.

Pappy knew someday he would hand down his honey farm to his son Sam. But Sam had other ideas. 

Meanwhile, Pappy’s daughter Kim wanted nothing more than to be the Chief Bee Keeper after Pappy’s retirement. Feeling that handling bees was too dangerous, Pappy refused.

It seemed as though no resolution could be found—until a sickness reminds them all what it really means to be a family. 


Dr. Neighborhood

By: Natalie M. Kennedy

Dr. Neighborhood is a fun and enlightening story of a girl name Maria who thought she knew everything. She would give advice to all the kids in the neighborhood especially when they did not feel good. But she could not think of anything that would get her best friend, Lily, out of the hospital who had been there over a year. Maria later learned about prayer. She learned to have a simple conversation with God that comes from the heart and take all her concerns to Him. A delightful book about introducing people, young and old, new and even long time Christian to pray in any way, standing, kneeling or laying down, anywhere, on the playground, or at the office, and anytime and all the time putting God and their prayer life first, above all things.


Unleashed Voices

By: Natalie M. Kennedy

A gentle whisper of your soul can sometimes tell you to speak your mind.  So you do unleashing your emotions of your inner voices that comes from your heart as you experience, love, pain justice, and faith. Unleashed Voices will have you embracing your feelings of pain, happy, sadness, content, loved and acceptances.


                                                                     -Natalie M. Kennedy


    Unleashed Voices features poetry about humanity, prejudice, sadness, HIV/ADIS, God suffering, Joy and death. The words inside this book express love, desire, pain and forgiveness through themes as family, spirituality and illness.  The collection speaks for the silences and unearths a wealth of touching experiences that are rooted in compassion to refresh your spirit. From novice to seasoned poetry lovers, to readers who simply want to unwind and connect, read on a poetic journey of emotions a memories. 

Final Book Front Cover RGB.jpg

Special Delivery Love Has No Bounds

By: Natalie M. Kennedy

Heartfelt, inspiring and moving. Special Delivery is a story for both the young and the young at heart.  Special Delivery is a heartwarming story told from the point of view of Chestnut, a Boston Terrier, who is searching for love and acceptance. This story teaches us that we can love one another despite our differences, just like we can love a dog like Chestnut. All Chestnut wants is a family to take him home and love him. He knows that whoever takes him home will received boundless love forever. As we journey with Chestnut, we see that he faces many challenges and disappointments until, one day, he finally becomes someone's special delivery.

Like A Child

By: Natalie M. Kennedy

    Jesus clearly said that there is something about the attitude of the child that is essential for admittance into His Kingdom. God has shown me what an unwavering faith can do as I kept my child like faith in Him. Each story tells about a little child-like faith in me and of you and as you read you will become humble, treat others with respect and dignity and like a child trust and follow our Father in heaven.


                                                                                -Natalie M. Kennedy


    Like a child teaches you to look back on the stories of your life and see these stories as your stories,  in learning to pray, seeing others as being different, dreaming and believing. And as a child we help others with our child-like health and as we grow up understand the healing power of the Lord and the power of prayers.